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17.Jan.2008 01:28:55 PM

cylinder volumes vs. temp and pressure

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I'm asking for your help in reviewing my physics. I have the following technical questions: If you fill an empty "49" nitrogen tank with compressed gas, will you always be able to fill it to the 304 cu. ft. volume at some given psi (2,640 psi?)regardless of location? What defines a cu ft of nitrogen? Is this a cu ft at sea level under STP? If the full cylinder is then transported to altitude where it is 20 degrees F, is the volume of gas in the cylinder the same or less, even though no gas has been used? If say, nitrogen is then released from the cylinder resulting in a 300 psi decrease in pressure (still at 20 degrees F), can we calculate the volume left in the cylinder using the ideal gas law? Thank you for your help! B. Smith


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cylinder volumes vs. temp and pressure (BD 17.Jan.2008)
. . cylinder volumes vs. temp and pressure (James Kraus 18.Jan.2008)
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