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24.May.2005 02:50:17 PM

Transporting Compressed Gas Bottles

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Background: Cummins Inc. uses Scott gas products for calibration of Semtech D mobile emissions analyzers produced by Sensors, Inc. Currently we use the following Scott gases: 1. Quad blend - CO, CO2, NO, CH4 2. Zero air 3. NO2 4. FID fuel - H,He mixture Sensors, Inc. has a waiver from USDOT attached to the Semtech D for transporting a Scotty size bottle, with regulator attached, inside of the Semtech D analyzer. My questions: 1. Can the Semtech D with an enclosed Scotty sized bottle of FID fuel and attached regulator be installed inside of a vehicle cab? 2. Is it possible/legal to use a larger FID fuel bottle (CL size)if it is remote mounted from the Semtech and installed in an approved enclosure. 3. If answer to #2 is yes, please provide details on legal requirements. Please cite applicable regulations. Thank you! John Kegebein


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Transporting Compressed Gas Bottles (Kegebein 24.May.2005)
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