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28.Nov.2006 12:49:55 PM

Gas handling (CO2)

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Hello, Sorry if what I'm about to ask about is very basic but I have no experience (technical or otherwise) of dealing with gases so really need some advice. I'm going to be running some experiments where I will need to analyse the headspace of a sealed vial for CO2, and also need to spike some samples with CO2. For this I need to be able to make some standards of CO2 as well as be able to spike vials with CO2. I have been advised to use a gastight syringe to inject CO2 into the vials and the instrument I'm using to analyse the headspace gas. So what I would really appreciate is advice on how to get from having CO2 in a cylinder such as the Scotty 14 to having CO2 in a gastight syringe (or similar), if of course this is at all possible. Also any advice on the most suitable of your products for this and any recommended equipment/adaptors etc. would be gratefully received. Many thanks Kirsty


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