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Pure gas and gas mixtures in SCOTTY® Transportable gas cylinders provide high-purity and accurate calibration gases and are available in a wide range of compressed gas cylinder sizes and volumes. Proven accuracy and dependability of SCOTTY products enable you to precisely calibrate any instrument or measuring device without error. This ensures accuracy in the most demanding of laboratory applications, as well as a safer working environment in industrial hygiene and safety applications.

Typical applications for Scott pure and mixed gases in SCOTTY Transportable gas cylinders include industrial hygiene and safety, laboratory and chromatography instrument support, quality control of all types, environmental monitoring, toxic organic measurements, transformer oil and electrochemical analysis, engine emission testing, and law enforcement (breath analysis).

SCOTTY Transportable pure gases and gas mixtures key offerings of high reliability and convenient size make these small compressed gas cylinders a cost-effective alternative to returnable, high-pressure compressed gas cylinders whenever portability of limited gas quantities are needed. The nonrefillable, nonreturnable design of SCOTTY gas cylinders results in substantial cost savings by eliminating cylinder rental and two-way shipping charges associated with larger, refillable gas cylinders. Same-day SCOTTY Express shipping is available on many SCOTTY products.

Search our listing of FAQs to learn more about Scott’s SCOTTY Transportable compressed gas products. If you do not find the answer your question, please visit our Technical Forum to post a question or contact us.

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