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Scott Specialty Gases is a recognized world leader in the production of specialty gas mixtures (also called calibration gases or cylinder gases) that are engineered to meet a wide range of measurement and process control requirements. Leading-edge technology enables Scott to produce highly accurate and stable gas mixtures containing component concentrations as low as parts-per-billion. Our unique portfolio of ten distinctly different gas mixture classes allows you to perfectly match product performance to your application needs. Gas mixture classes are characterized by the degree of accuracy, level of traceability, blend tolerance, process accuracy, analytical accuracy and other critical parameters.

Scott maintains the world's largest inventory of NIST-traceable reference materials (NTRMs) for several types of calibration gas mixtures. We also work with other metrology organizations throughout the world, including Van Swinden Laboratorium BV (formerly NMi).

Search our listing of FAQs to learn more about Scott’s specialty gas mixtures. If you do not find the answer to your question, please visit our Technical Forum to post a question or please contact us.

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