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Liquid changeover manifold systems combine a pressure-reducing regulator with high-purity diaphragm valves to create a compact gas delivery system that provides continuous gas flow on installations where dewars are used.

This system directs the flow of gas from two separate sources (dewars or banks) to your application. When one gas source empties, the changeover system automatically draws from the second gas source. The first source can then be changed without interruption to the outlet pressure. These features reduce operating costs by permitting scheduled dewar changeouts. In addition, liquid manifolds are designed for operator safety by locating the purge vent in the rear panel of the manifold and are also cleaned for oxygen service.

For your convenience, our gas manifold systems and other high-performance gas handling equipment are available online for quick and easy purchase.

To learn more about our selection of gas manifolds, please browse our FAQ section for answers to a variety of technical and generic questions.

If you’d like to access additional information on gas manifolds, Scott provides the following resources on our website:

  • View and print our brochure of gas manifolds and regulators.
  • To access our Equipment Instruction Booklets for Scott’s gas manifolds, please log in to scottgas.com. (Not a registered user? Sign up to take full advantage of our online features!)
  • Comprehensive use and safety information regarding gas handling equipment and gas distribution systems is available in our Design and Safety Handbook, which is available in PDF format here at scottgas.com or in hardcopy by request.
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