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Use and storage of any compressed gas under high pressure (2000 psi/138 bar and higher) can be extremely dangerous if proper gas handling procedures are not observed. Moreover, chemical characteristics of specialty gases themselves can pose serious health hazards if containment is not tightly controlled.

General technical and safety information for compressed specialty gases may be conveniently viewed online here at scottgas.com in our Tech & Safety section. Numerous Scott publications are also available that contain comprehensive technical and safety data for all types of pure gases, gas mixtures and gas handling equipment - visit our online product literature library to view and download. Or, you may request a printed version of any piece of Scott literature or catalog via email or by calling us toll-free at 877-715-8651.

Read our article “Top 10 Tips for Safely Handling and Using Gas Cylinders” to learn about more ideas to use compressed gases safely.

Be sure to visit our online MSDS Library for comprehensive safety information specific to each Scott compressed pure gas and gas mixtures.

Search our listing of FAQs to learn more about Scott’s compressed gases. If you do not find the answer your question, please visit our Technical Forum to post a question or contact us.

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