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SCOTT™ Specialty Gas Mixtures


Seven classes of SCOTT™ specialty gas mixtures engineered to meet any application need

The Air Liquide portfolio of SCOTT specialty gases redefines gas mixture versatility for a cost-effective solution to any application requirement. Each SCOTT class has unique characteristics and subsequent performance specifications. Choose among dual-analyzed, dual-certified and single-certified standards. For unique applications, we offer custom standards that can be tailored to nearly any application parameters imaginable.

Original, unique Scott technology enables Air Liquide to offer you ultimate flexibility in selecting blend tolerance, analytical accuracy, blend process accuracy and process traceability.

SCOTT specialty gas value and performance you can measure

  • Reduce operating costs and maximize yields with tighter process control
  • Shorten product time-to-market cycle by reducing recalibration time
  • Boost end product market value by improving product quality
  • Avoid fines or penalties resulting from regulatory noncompliance
  • Reduce on-site gas inventory with fast delivery from local facilities

Typical applications for SCOTT specialty gas mixtures include:


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