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Preserving gas integrity and safety with SCOTT™ Gas Handling Equipment

If you use compressed specialty gas, you need reliable equipment to deliver it from source to point-of-use. Choosing the wrong gas distribution equipment can not only adversely affect your application, it can also pose a serious safety hazard.

We can help you optimize your application by recommending and providing gas handling equipment that will preserve gas purity and integrity, and deliver it safely to your point-of-use. Efficiency, performance and long, accurate service life are hallmarks of SCOTT brand equipment. Next day shipping is available on most items.

SCOTT equipment inventory includes:

Order Scott Equipment Online

A selection of our SCOTT gas handling equipment is available to order online. Not sure which piece best suits your need? Contact our equipment experts for more information.

Other Gas Handling Equipment

Air Liquide also offers industrial grade gas handling equipment, as well as equipment designed specifically for cryogenic applications. Click here to learn more about our gas handling equipment for industrial gases.

Custom Gas Distribution Systems.
Comprehensive use and safety information regarding gas handling equipment and gas distribution systems is available in our Design and Safety Handbook, which is available in pdf file format or in hardcopy by request.
Air Liquide can help you avoid gas line ruptures.
Air Liquide offers some gas handling equipment that is approved for oxygen service as per CGA 4.1 "Cleaning Equipment for Oxygen Service" and ASTM-G93 "Standard Practice for Cleaning Methods and Equipment Used in Oxygen-Enriched Environments." Contact your Air Liquide rep for more information.
Equipment Instruction Booklets.
Need Help? Submit your question to our experts at the Air Liquide Solutions Center.
Can't find what you are looking for? Submit a Quote request and an Air Liquide representative will contact you!
For more information about all Air Liquide products, please visit www.ALspecialtygases.com.


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