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Air Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC
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Air Liquide America Specialty Gases

Pure Gases: As one of the world’s largest producers of pure gases we offer an extensive portfolio of pure gases that feature a range of guaranteed purity levels suited for general use through the most demanding of applications.

SCOTT™ Gas and Liquid Mixtures: The benchmark against which all others in the industry are measured. Seven classes of mixtures permit selection of a cost-effective product that is ideal for any application. Fully traceable to recognized metrology standards, they are produced in ISO-certified labs using original Scott proprietary technology.

Rare Gases: Air Liquide is the world leader in rare gases, with the largest sourcing capability and a well established supply chain to ensure reliable, on-time delivery. Our rare gas facilities employ leading-edge technologies to achieve 99% to 99.999% guaranteed purity for industrial, medical, electronics and aerospace applications.

SCOTTY™ Transportables: These high-purity and high-accuracy calibration gases are packaged in a wide variety of nonreturnable cylinder sizes and volumes. High reliability and convenient size make them a cost-effective alternative to returnable, high-pressure cylinders whenever portability or limited gas quantities are needed.

Gas Handling Equipment: Choosing improper equipment can adversely affect your application and pose serious safety hazards. We can help you optimize your application by recommending and providing equipment that will preserve gas integrity, and deliver it safely to your point-of-use. Efficiency, performance and long, accurate service life are hallmarks of SCOTT brand equipment. Next day shipping is available on most items.

Global Cross Reference Services: Confirm your laboratory analytical results by comparing your measurements with other independent, participating laboratories in a global community. Also known as Proficiency Testing, this empowers you to achieve a higher degree of confidence in the accuracy of your laboratory analyses, plus help you identify potential problems in the accuracy of those analyses. Numerous programs are available.

Solutions Center: Our focus is on YOU. We maintain a highly trained group of technical experts who are dedicated to providing a single point of contact for Air Liquide customers to discuss their specialty gas questions or application requirements. We’re as near as your telephone and just a mouse click away.

Request a Quote: Tell us what you need. A specialty gas expert from our Solutions Center will contact you to discuss your requirements. You may also contact our Solutions Center for immediate technical assistance at 877.715.8651 (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST) or via email at solutions.center@airliquide.com.

Products for Special Applications: Air Liquide maintains a legacy of partnering with many different industries to help solve problems and to provide specialty gas products that exceed industry-unique requirements. Those applications include: auto emissions testing, welding, laser cutting, oil and gas, homeland security, food and beverage preparation, electronics, biotech and pharmaceuticals, window insulation and many others.


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